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Battery Operated Curtain Track

Ideal for residential  projects. Available in wall and surface mounted options.

Approved for use in FS16, F16, F120 Curtain track system applications. 

Sampson Mills Tested the SwitchBot with our FS16, F16, F120 tracks for us as an upgrade to our Recessed, wall mount, ceiling mount, and suspended curtain track. 

The SwitchBot allows for an easy upgrade of our curtain track to motorized and even allows for solar charging. We typically recharge for 12 hours every 2-3 months when not using the solar panel. Recharging is easy either via wireless charger with USB-C Cable or plugging the USB-C cable into the wall. You can easily add the Switch-bot pre and post installation. Videos Coming soon.


You do not have to take the Bot system down to charge. 

Standard Colors:

White or Black to go with out White, Black, or silver tracks.

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10% Off

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U Rail 2

U-Rail 2

U-Rail 2 in F120