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Founding Family

Sampson Mills Ltd.

Our History

At Sampson Mills we strive to show you the value we are creating is greater than the price you are paying. 

An example of this innovation is our S-Fold curtains. We are able to control fullness to the point that the front of your curtain can be 100% fullness and the back of the same curtain can be 80% fullness, saving you 10% on your fabric purchase, which can result in a savings greater than the cost of our hardware for your project.

Innovation became our core. Our first creation was Color by Day, a fabric that changed colors in the light. The founders evolved out of fabrics into whole window treatment systems known for developing industry changing products, by creating a parts reduction initiative. 

The parts reduction initiative allowed multiple systems in different catagories to utilize the same parts for leaner assembly and allowing for larger stock of products. 


We took this even further with our consulting and Development Program. We help your firm and company decide on the best window treatment solutions for your space with our dedicated consulting team.

See Founder History for more details

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