Hand Operated Track

Ideal for use in commercial or residential projects. The most economical and simple systems to use.

Also available are reliable products for special applications (vehicles, airplanes and boats).

Note: Custom Colors Available Upon request

F-16 Recessed Track
Recessed Curtain Track System Applicable for contract and residential projects.

All our recessed tracks have a ridged flange for easy installation and mudding into sheetrock. track hight designed for ½" sheetrock.

Mounting: Recess, Can be mudded, and or plastered into the ceiling. Easy install with mudding tape, painters tape and a nail gun.

Color: White, Anodized Aluminum, (Other: upon request)

Motorized Track

Electrically operated curtain tracks are ideal for tall curtains and essential for audio-visual and conference rooms. In homes they offer the ultimate in luxury.


Operation can be via integration into Automation system, as an easy wall switch.

Also available with remote control, and App upon request. 

Sampson Mills in collaboration with customer requests has brought an electrical curtain track with all the bells and whistles.


Track includes:

tug and go, Blackout mode (operates as a hand operated track during blackouts and power outages), among other features. 

AS151 - BluNeedle
An elegant and premium appearance. Applicable for contract and residential projects.

Color: White and Aluminum
Mounting: Ceiling, Wall.

Max size dependent on fabric weight is 472 inches.
Max weight 30 kg or 66 lbs.
Minimum Bending Radius 30 cm - 11.81 inch
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