From the 1800's the Bibi Family were a family of Artisans. They traveled the world doing restorations and custom builds as Silver Smiths. in the 1910's Joseph and his son Reuben Bibi came from France for the Worlds Fair in California.


After Settling in the USA they decided to move to New York City where Reuben met his wife. Soon after the family went into chandelier manufacturing. Always evolving with the needs of each generation the family went into home and contract furnishings. This led them into working with fabrics.

Sampson Mills Founded in 2011 began as an idea. For quality fabrics to be made at affordable prices. 


A lot has evolved like any new company. 


Since inception Sampson Mills and The Bibi Family have always worked with Developers, Architects and designers for specifications of projects. Now Sampson took this even further with our consulting program. We help your firm decide on the best window treatment solutions for your space with our dedicated consulting team.


We work on Hospitality, Healthcare, Residential, Cruise line, Aero, as well as many other project categories. If a solution isn't available in the market our dedicated specialists can help create one to serve your needs.

Sampson Mills Ltd.

a Bibi Outlet Company